Company Overview

 Copernico's organization revolves around the basic concept of integrated functionality. Its mission, direction and development are the sole responsibility of the Board of Directors. Two Managing Directors are responsible for the delivery of the company's objectives, which they achieve by working in complete synergy with each other and with the support of the company's administrative staff and external consultants: this allows for a greater flexibly in meeting the demands of clients and handling all the on-going individual projects.
Each Managing Director coordinates the work of the Area Managers in their own field of expertise; the Area Managers are entrusted in turn to carry out the projects with the help of the house staff and, when necessary, external consultants.


President & CEO

Dr. Marco Antoni


Vice President

Dr. Claudia Torriti



Technical Directors: 2
Technical Project Managers: 4
Certified Geologists: 2
Certified Engineers: 2
Technical Assistants: 2
Accountant: 1
Administrative office:1
Certified Safety Coordinators (D.L. 494/96): 2
External Consultants: 2

The company employs graduates and post graduates who specialize in the areas of environmental technology pertaining to the professional services on offer.

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