Company Profile

Copernico srl started out as a consulting&design firm offering specialized services in a range of  technical subjects, both to the private and the public sector.
Its full range of professional, technical consultancies give its customers the distinct advantage of operating with a single company that is able to meet the most diverse requests thanks to its long standing partnership with universities, trade associations and institutions.
In this respect Copernico has developed a wide array of services carried out by highly qualified staff in the areas of engineering, geology and architecture; the company also offers topographical services, aerial surveys and environmental monitoring.
In the cartography sector, Copernico is equipped with the most advanced processing and rendering systems which are then integrated - for land-surveying purposes - with cutting-edge HD laser detection devices, whether on the ground or airborne.
A well established consulting firm for business trade associations and public institutions, Copernico has gained over the years extensive experience in the integrated planning&design contracting and the  construction of territorial profiles and cognitive frameworks for the assessment of environmental impacto.

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